Seasonal Leagues

About the Leagues

Leagues are hosted year-round by the KCTA at the Smithville Lake facility. The purpose is to provide an evening of fair trapshooting competition open to all shooters of all abilities, novice to veteran. There are no gender or age limitations, and no required membership in any shooting organizations.
KCTA management will determine the duration of each league session, usually 12 weeks. Currently there are 4 leagues (spring, summer, fall, and winter).
On each night of our team leagues, two teams shoot against each other, matching targets broken at each position (10 points), for two rounds of 125 targets (2 points), and high total overall (1 point), for a total of 13 possible points.
At the end of each session, prizes or cash will be awarded to the teams according to the total accumulated points during the season and to the shooter(s) with the highest cumulative average(s).

The Team League

The league is administered by the management of the KCTA public shooting park which includes the responsibility of scheduling dates and times of competition; recording of scores, team standings and individual shooter statistics; setting the cost of targets and any other league expenses. For any instance not covered in these rules, the rules of the Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) will apply. Specifically, see the latest version of the ATA Official Rules. These may be obtained on line at the ATA's web site:


Teams are composed of a minimum of 5 shooters with no maximum, however after 50% of the league is completed, the rosters of each team are considered final. If any new shooters' names appear on the score sheets after that time, those scores will not be counted. Target costs for non-roster shooters will be the same as for roster shooters, minus any purse fees.

Team Captain

A captain who is responsible for representing the team heads each team. The captain will be responsible for payment of the sponsor fee, assigning squad members their shooting positions each night and recording accuracy of both their own team's and the competitor's score sheets. If a team wins prizes or cash at the conclusion of the season, the captain is responsible for the distribution to the individual team members. Captains are chosen at each team's discretion.


The team's cumulative handicap average will be used to determine yardage. The higher a team's average, the greater their handicap yardage. Minimum yardage will be 16 yards, and the maximum 27 yards. KCTA management will maintain and monitor a schedule of yardages corresponding to cumulative team averages. This schedule of yardage may be reviewed and revised at the start of a new league in order to achieve greater parity among the competition of teams.
When shooting 16 yard targets, a team's cumulative 16 yard average will be used to determine added targets. The higher the team average, the fewer added targets will be allowed. Added targets will be allowed in multiples of 5, applied evenly to each post, and also added to the total for the round. In no case can a perfect score be achieved by means of added targets. KCTA management will maintain and monitor a schedule of added targets corresponding to cumulative team averages. This schedule may be reviewed and revised at the start of a new league in order to achieve greater parity among the competition of teams.

Competition and Scoring System

Competition consists of 2 teams matching their scores of each 25 targets at each position per round for a total of 125 possible breaks each round and 250 total overall.
A 13-point system is used to score the teams' competition. One point is awarded to the team having the most breaks per 25 targets beginning with the first position and so on for each position for a total of 5 position points for the round. An additional point is given to the team with the highest total score on the entire round for a total of 6 points per round. The second 25 target round is scored the same way, bringing the total possible points to 12. The final and 13th point is awarded to the team with the highest total of both 25-target rounds. All ties are divided, one half point to each team.

The first night of a new league session all teams will shoot from the same yardages. There will be no points awarded the first night; the purpose is to establish initial team scored averages. Beginning with the second week, teams will be allowed added targets, or shoot from a yardage based on their cumulative average to that point in the league. As the season progresses teams may see a change in their added targets or yardage as their average changes. This allows novice teams to compete with veteran teams on a more equal basis and challenges all shooters to improve their shooting skills.
Each team may field up to 7 shooters. One shooter begins on each station plus one additional shooter on any two stations of the team's choice. The shooters on the stations with more than one shooter move together. The starting order on the score sheet is always maintained through both rounds. Should a team field more than 7 shooters, the excess over 7 shall be marked "practice" PRIOR to starting the competition. If there are more that 7 shooters and none are marked "practice," only the first 7 scores on the sheet will be considered, any more will automatically be "practice".
The lowest score(s) of the 6 or 7 shooters on the team are disregarded when determining the scores to be counted. In case of ties for lowest score, the one(s) to be thrown out will be the last one(s) listed on the score sheet in squad order. For example, consider there are 7 shooters on a team with the following scores: #1-24; #2-22; #3-21; #4-19; #5-21; #6-18; #7-19, using the above rule, scores #6 and #7 would be thrown out when determining the broken/lost targets per post for the team. Reading from top to bottom on the squad sheet, #4's score of 19 is established prior to #7's 19, it was not bettered by #7, so #4's 19 is the one used. #6's 18 is low alone, so it is not considered. All score sheets will be tabulated as quickly as possible following the competition. This will be done in an open area by KCTA staff so that any team members or other interested parties may observe, and ensure the accuracy of the process. For the duration of the league, the original score sheets for each week of competition will be kept on file by the KCTA. Upon request, staff will make the sheets available for any league member to review. IMPORTANT: As this scoring system is primarily based on each station's score, it is possible for a team to win the high squad on both rounds, the high total score overall and still not win most of the points of the night's competition. The team's standing in the league is based on the total points won at any point in the season NOT ON THE TEAM'S SHOOTING AVERAGE.
A team must field at least three shooters within 5 minutes of the call to the line for a team's score to be recorded, unless the scheduled trap field is still occupied by the preceding shooting team.
If a team has 3 or more shooters, but less than 5, a score of 15 broken targets is recorded for the absent shooter(s), with 3 breaks allowed per position. The match will be scored in the normal manner using the "short" scores. These "short" scores will NOT be used in determining the team cumulative average for team handicapping.
If a team cannot field the minimum 3 shooters, it is considered a "No-Show" and will receive (0) points for the competition. The opposing team will then shoot against the "No-Show" team's season average per post to win points, but will be guaranteed a minimum of 8 points for the competition. If any of the "No-Show" team members present wish, they may shoot in order to have their individual scores considered for the high gun competition.
No shooter substitutions are allowed.  Shooters must shoot 16's AND handicap. Shooters are not allowed to shoot only 16's or only handicap. Both rounds must be shot in order for the score to be counted.
When scheduled to shoot against the bye, a team will shoot against their own season average. The team is guaranteed a minimum of 6.5 points for the bye competition.


The season schedule will be available to each shooter once the number of teams is known. Usually this will be between the first and second week of the season. Trap assignments are subject to the discretion of KCTA management, but every attempt will be made to ensure that teams shoot on all traps in use by the league, and at each starting time during the season. There will be several shoot off weeks imbedded in the schedule, matching the 1st and 2nd place teams, the 3rd and 4th, and so on, down the standings. In case of an odd number of teams, the last place team shoots against its own average. Exceptions and schedule revisions may occur if a team or teams either drops out or adds to the league after the first night.
If a team drops out during the first two weeks of the season, it will be replaced with a BYE if there are an odd number of teams. With an even number of remaining teams, the schedule will be revised. If any team drops out after the second week, the schedule remains unchanged and opposing teams will shoot against the dropped team's cumulative season average for the remainder of the schedule.
Teams may not be added to the league after the second week of competition. If a team adds there will be a revised schedule.
In case of adverse weather (heavy rain, lightning, sleet, snow), power outages or mechanical failures, the KCTA management will decide whether to delay, reschedule or cancel the night's competition. All league members are asked to remember that as trapshooting is an outdoor sport, It's inevitable that there will be times when weather conditions will not be optimal, but the scheduled competitions will be held. Make-ups are not allowed except in the case of partial cancellations of an evening's competition. If competition is stopped midway and cancelled for the night, the make-up will begin where the cancelled squad was interrupted.

Shoot aheads will be allowed without opposing team approval the weeks preceding the Missouri State Shoot in May, and the Missouri Fall Handicap in October. For any shoot-aheads, teams wishing to shoot ahead must notify KCTA management NO LESS than 7 days in advance of the date of the shoot ahead. The opposing team will be notified of the shoot ahead, and given the opportunity to shoot ahead also, if they wish. *A "Shoot Ahead Form" must be completed the week prior!* If a team schedules a shoot ahead, and then does not show to shoot ahead, they will become a "No Show" team; they will NOT be allowed to shoot at the originally scheduled time either. Shoot aheads for any reason other than the above will be allowed if the opposing team captain agrees to it beforehand. In the case of a shoot ahead, the entire team must shoot ahead, individuals may not shoot ahead for either team or individual averages. If any competition being shot ahead is scheduled for 6:30, then the shoot ahead must be completed prior to 6:30, if any competition being shot ahead is scheduled after 6:30, then the shoot ahead must be made AFTER the last scheduled league competition of the evening.
Shooters may not pay ahead for the lewis option if they are shooting ahead.

Team Fees

Each team is assessed a one time season sponsor fee of $75.00. KCTA management to cover administrative and/or prize/trophy expenses determines the amount of the fee each season. The team captain is responsible for payment of this fee to the KCTA. If the sponsor fee is not paid during the course of the league, it will be deducted from the team's end-of-league winnings. If no winnings are awarded, a team will not be allowed to shoot a future league until the original sponsor fee has been paid. 
No shooter may shoot for more than one team per league. Any shooter's score appearing on other than their original team's score sheet will not be scored or recorded. Exceptions to this rule may be made by KCTA management in cases of a team dropping out of the league with team members who would still like to compete.
Individuals of all teams compete for the season High Gun award based on the highest broken target average (targets broken divided by targets attempted). The number of weeks of the season minus two will be the minimum number of times of competition to be eligible for the high gun award(s). The two lowest scores of an individual shooter shooting over the minimum number of weeks will be disregarded when computing his average for purposes of the high gun.


Target color will be black with an orange dome for daylight conditions and all orange for night time. KCTA management will determine when the change from orange dome to all orange will occur. This may be done universally down the trap line at the beginning of a competition or round depending on the time of sunset, dusk or amount of overcast. Once the change in target color has been made, the trap will throw all orange the rest of the evening.
Targets are set for speed and height daily at the KCTA, and then are rechecked just prior to the beginning of the league. Management will adjust targets at any time during league, if needed, to compensate for wind and weather conditions in order to provide legal targets.  


Along with KCTA staff, all shooters are asked to participate in monitoring the safety of the league. Report any unsafe conditions immediately. Shooters are strongly encouraged to use eye and ear protection.

Final Authority

For matters not covered in this document or ATA rules, KCTA management will have final authority. League members' suggestions and ideas over the years have resulted in positive changes and improvements to these league rules. Continuation of fair competition for all will always be the paramount concern of any changes to these rules. Any changes to the rules will be made effective at the beginning of the next league session; no changes will be made during a league in progress.

League Pricing

Price per Week :           $17.00 (includes 50 league targets, league fee, tax)
League Punchcard :   $204.00
              ** Our league punchcard is available for those shooters who wish to prepay for their league targets and fees. It covers 12 weeks worth of league shooting, as most of our leagues' durations are 12 weeks. The league punchcards never expire, so if you don't use all the targets you purchased for one league, it will carry over to the next league.
League Team Fee (Sponsor Fee) :     $75.00 per team